25 ml X 14 Drinkable Shots

The Collagen Formula that lets Time fly FASTER ,,,,,, Backwards

La Lune® is a Registered Trademark of Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH, Germany.

  • La Lune® Keeps the skin fresh and young.
  • La Lune® Enhances collagen synthesis and deposition in the Dermis.
  • La Lune® Prevents the appearance of Wrinkles, fine Lines, and Age Marks.
  • La Lune® Is rich in Vitamins, Proanthocyanidin, and Anti-Oxidants that fight the free radicals to maintain the Healthy structure of the Skin.
  • La Lune® Minimizes the damage caused from the Sun light exposure.
  • La Lune® Helps Rejeuveniling and Regenerating for skin.
  • One La Lune® drinkable shot (25 ml) per day.