25 ml X 14 Drinkable Shots

Lose the Extra Burden, Gain the Functioning Collagen.

Red Berry Flavour

Collagen Fortified with Rosehip for better Results.

CollaMouv® is a Registered Trademark of Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH, Germany.

About CollaMouv®

  • CollaMouv® contains Unique and effective formula that combines Hydrolyzed Collagen, Rosehip Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin K2, and Selenium.
  • With only one Serving daily, CollaMouv® provides 10 g of collagen hydrolyzed type II, the main component of Joints and Cartilage.
  • The vitamin C contained in CollaMouv® Drinkable Shots makes a valuable contribution to normal collagen formation along with the Collagen type II and therefore supports bone and cartilage functions. Collagen is also important for our skin.
  • Rosehip concentrate in CollaMouv® has strong and proven anti-inflammatory properties that help reducing the pain and discomfort in joints while moving.
  • The proven Rosehip anti-inflammatory effect helps improve compliance and better Outcome of the collagen formation.
  • Delicious and Pleasant Taste

One CollaMouv® drinkable shot (25 ml) per day.