Health is Sweet

Nutritional supplement for both children and Adults.

When it comes to health and vitality, our DéléBoo Beans® and Chews® turn out to be heroic all-rounders. With 12 high-quality vitamins and important minerals such as zinc and iodine, the delicious vitamin fruit Beans are the ideal companion for the day. Their Four delicious flavors make them simply invincible: nobody can resist apple, raspberry, orange, and Chocolate. Three DéléBoo Beans® and One DéléBoo Chews® daily for children from the age of 4 and six DéléBoo Beans® and Two DéléBoo Chews® for adults provide the ideal complement to a balanced diet to keep our bodies healthy and our immunity vigilant.

New and Unique Form (Beans not Gummies): The problem of the food supplement that come in the Gummies form is that they stick to each other and may lose its taste or probably its effect at the lowest exposure possible to heat or even at room temperature.

Our unique Beans® and Chews® are not only distinctively richer in Taste and Healthy, but moreover they do not have those problems as at the Gummies.

In all ages, particularly Childhood and Seniority phases, both of children and Elderly need the full spectrum of precious vitamins and minerals. Nutrient deficiency can occur at any time, in spite of a balanced diet. That’s why our DéléBoo Beans® and Chews® can support large and small heroes with a harmonious complex of vitamins and minerals for a healthy Vitamins and Minerals Intake.


Dietary supplements such as the DéléBoo Beans® and Chews® are not intended to replace a balanced diet. The DéléBoo Beans® and Chews® are not comparable with traditional sweets. Excessive consumption may endanger health.

Not suitable for Children less than 4 years of Age.

DéléBoo Beans® and Chews® contain sugar. It may not be suitable for the Diabetic Patients.

DéléBoo Beans® and Chews® are registered Trademark for Deutsche Heilmittel GmbH.

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